Beatrix Potter

We will not challenge our problems through online petitions and Twitter outbursts
You can get your hands on a Peter Rabbit coin from today.
Most of us wouldn’t give a 50p a second glance - but what about if it was a colour one? Now a new colourful coin has been
It must be about a year ago that I received the extraordinary letter from Francesca Dow, the director of Penguin/Random House children's books. It was about a story by Beatrix Potter which she had never illustrated. It was called The Tale of Kitty in Boots and included with the letter was a facsimile of the original manuscript. Would I like to illustrate it?
A publisher at Penguin Random House Children's was recently shocked to find a century-old transcript of a forgotten tale
And today's tip of the hat - or rather, bonnet - goes to Twitter funnyperson Oonagh Keating, aka @Okeating. From Tom Kitten
Shakespeare once said "the education of circumstance is superior to that of tuition" and so when I am asked, as if often the case, about the perception and relevance of media studies compared with traditional subjects, I remain ambivalent.
I could wax lyrical about the inner book and all that but hardly a day goes by when someone tells me how much they would like to write a book. Well, in many respects, it's never been easier to publish your own.
This season Beatrix Potter's botanical sketches were an unlikely source of inspiration for Preen designers Justin Thornton