One notice on a door read: “Please ensure doors remain shut to prevent rats entering the wing!!!”
Entitled #BedfordVoices, for the next month, billboards dotted around various locations in the town centre will proclaim the ideals of various charities and community groups in the form of hard-hitting political cartoons. The idea is to provoke thought and discussion about the issues raised by organisations that seldom get heard.
Ofsted wasted two days and taxpayers money on a "baffling" two-day inspection of a school that was due to close permanently
The Metropolitan Police has launched an investigation into alleged racist tweets posted on Sunday night following England's
A group of around 150 football fans forced a town's high street to shut after they tried to confront Italian fans following
If General Motors does not sell to a suitable buyer then the chances are that in just a few years, Vauxhall Motors, one of the few remaining British car marques, will follow a long list of illustrious names, and will be no more.