According to both the British Chiropractic Association and the Sleep Council, what you actually need is a 'supportive' bed. For some people, that will be a firm bed but for other people it will actually be quite a soft bed.
Playtime Beds, the company that manufactures children’s beds, has issued a warning to parents to stop using their products
With mattresses, it's a very different story. Retailers wag their fingers and tell you that it's the most important purchase you'll ever make because you'll spend so many thousands of hours in bed. A cheap bed will lead to a lifetime of back pain and remorse, they say.
Around 400 jobs are at risk at bed retailer Dreams after its new owner - courtesy of a pre-pack administration announcement
How many times have you craved your own bed? Whether he's snoring, the room's far too hot or the sleep fairies simply won't