"It’s a monumentally stupid situation," Patrick Murfet, who wants to bring in baby Italian bees to help farmers pollinate valuable crops, says.
Many species of bee are on the brink of extinction in the UK, some have been lost entirely. They are increasingly under threat from climate change, habitat loss, pollution and disease. Major conservation efforts are needed to save our hard-working pollinators. We take a look at just why the humble bee is so important…
The world’s largest bee has been rediscovered by a team of biologists, more than 160 years after it was first seen on an Indonesian island. Last seen in 1981, Megachile pluto is as long as an adult’s thumb and four times larger than a honey bee.
'Willemse’s case illustrates the perniciousness of quota systems. Talent is glossed over, and skin colour rewarded unjustifiably.'
SA's brutal past cannot be forgotten when our the needs and well-being of vulnerable communities have no urgency nor a voice in corporate boardrooms.
Please don't let us down by aiding and abetting grand-scale theft by your business friends refusing to change the economy.
The Mining Charter was developed as a South African mining and minerals industry guide to effect transformation with respect to its specific targets.
Solidarity and the South African Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioners' Association (Saripa) to challenge constitutionality of BEE and AA.
BEE is meant to redress social inequality caused by apartheid, not perpetuate it.
The real question that few people care to address is if ownership, control and indeed access should reflect the demographics of the country.