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Follow George Osborne's Budget 2013 live here with our 'At A Glance' guide to all the big decisions on the economy. Food
Liberal Democrats have sharply criticised their own government ministers for failing to stop the so-called bedroom tax. Party
Iain Duncan Smith has been criticised for saying some poor parents will spend money on alcohol and drugs rather than their
So now we are here in another New Year and, in the UK, the savagery of social welfare cuts continues to slice through our society.
So, that was the week that was. In politics, the 'Ronseal' Coalition released their midterm report, MPs demanded a pay rise
It hasn't been admitted publicly - but it looks like the Tories' war on lone parents has resumed. Lone parents won't forget the way in which they were demonised by previous Conservative governments - Peter Lilley's "little list", John Redwood's notorious visit to the St Mellons estate in Wales - and a host of policies that left lone parents struggling in poverty to bring up children on their own.
Half a million soldiers, nurses and teachers will have their income slashed under the coalition's benefits crackdown, according
I talked to a constituent who had a stroke and is on benefit. After paying all his bills, he's left with just £12 a week - less than £2 a day - to spend on food. In the new year, thanks to the government's so called welfare "reforms", his housing benefit will be reduced - by £12 a week. He will have nothing at all left to pay for food.
Looming child benefit cuts are set to cost some families around £50,000 by the time their youngest child reaches adulthood
David Cameron has admitted that the royal family is causing “huge resentment” for hardworking taxpayers. "Some people work