The 28-year-old constable died while attending reports of a burglary on Thursday night.
The 28-year-old police officer had been married only four weeks ago and was due to go on his honeymoon.
Reporter was closely monitored by defence staff.
These heroes will be working around the clock to clean up, ferry tourists and keep bellies full.
The 10-year-old boy killed during an “incident involving furniture” at a Topshop retailer in Reading has been named as Kaden
After recently visiting some excellent hotel spas in London (Four Seasons, Bulgari, St Pancras and Cafe Royal), I decided to travel slightly further afield to find luxury countryside spa hotels with an interesting history.
rotecting the Thames Valley from flooding is in the local, regional and national interest. I'm optimistic this can be achieved. The prime minister has shown his support for investing in flood defences and the government's fully behind accelerating this scheme. We just need to crack on...
A mother-of-four whose body was found at her home was a carer for her wheelchair-bound husband, according to neighbours. Thames
I was intrigued to hear that a hotel in the heart of Berkshire stocks over 800 Californian wines, some of which are from the owner Sir Peter Michael's winery in Knights Valley, Sonoma.
These eerie photographs show the calmness of the floods as residents have evacuated their homes or live amongst dampness
Flooded residential properties in Egham, Surrey A man stands in floodwater on the A361 at Burrowbridge on the Somerset Levels
Environment Agency staff have been abused by members of the public, in a development the body has blamed on politicians such
Hundreds more homes face flooding as the latest wave of winter storms lash Britain over coming days - and travellers can
When we address what drug law reforms mean in real terms, we can use this as a case in point. Seattle are in process of a rational, humane, affable conversation of responsibility, compared with that of V-Festival who are flailing in the wind and are arguably operating outside the laws that we do actually have.
The British tourist industry may have upped its game to encourage us to holiday at home, but some places are still finding
Despite naysayers declaring the demise of school sport partnerships (SSPs) in anticipation of an imminent cut in central government funding, one of the country's less celebrated sporting centres has seen the partnerships go from strength to strength.
Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky was found lying on his bathroom floor with a "ligature around his neck and a piece of similar
To keep on producing weapons-grade uranium Aldermaston is clearly going to need some major investment. At a time of austerity, when families are relying on foodbanks and benefits are being cut, can we really justify adding to the already astronomical nuclear weapons bill?
A 21-year-old man who dumped a pig's head outside a mosque has been jailed for three months. Rory Rowbottom left the animal