Since my wife's death, I've been ticking off the bucket list which she wrote many years ago. As we had children so young, she had planned our worldwide adventure for when they had flown the nest. Of course back then we had no idea she would never be able to fulfil her dream.
Bhutan may be small, but it is scaling great heights in sustainability.
From its age-old traditions advancing into the modern era alongside magical mountains and monasteries, Bhutan is nothing
Bhutan, total population around 700,000, measures its GNH or Gross National Happiness, and uses the data from the index to help decide how to share out government spending.
Wellbeing offers a route out of this systemic crisis. For so long as political, social and economic progress are measured in money terms, the forces of financial capital will continue to wield the upper hand. One way to overcome them is to follow the lead of Bhutan and start measuring something else - something that is closer to the real aspirations that humans feel.
"Amidst all the goodwill, inflow of material help, personnel, and pledges for the future, it struck me that the only country to have given *cash* to the Nepal Government so far is Bhutan. Its PM personally brought a check of $1 million. Then the ADB gave $3 million yesterday. From the noise in the social media, you might believe otherwise."
Many come to Bhutan chasing a dream of Seven Years in Tibet featuring butter lamps, prayer wheels, Buddhist chants, monks clad in red ropes and even Brad Pitt. Some are on a quest for mountain trails unspoilt by the tourist infrastructure, nowadays prevalent in India, China and Nepal.
The world is full of spectacular destinations that have been captured through the lense by those lucky enough to travel to these incredible places, from the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower to the ruins of Machu Picchu and the Colosseum.
Climate change is already having an effect on the lives of children in Bhutan. That's why UNICEF is working to support the government through its water and sanitation projects in schools, especially ones that have been affected by climate change disasters
Two snow leopards have been captured, fitted with satellite collars and released for the first time in Afghanistan – and
Hidden cameras set up in one of Bhutan's national parks have caught the rare snow leopard on camera as it pads around the
Throughout 2011, news media have charted the fractional rises in gross domestic product (GDP) growth with the fevered intensity