The victim was reportedly assaulted after meeting a male on a bicycle at around 3am on Saturday.
Cycling is a potential solution to many problems, including the obesity crisis, pollution, traffic and overcrowding on public transport. It should be encouraged and made easier wherever possible. But building cycle superhighways and putting more Santander Cycles on the street is only part of the answer.
When cycling, your position is key. Don't hide on the inside of a bus or lorry. They won't see you. Simple. I regularly ride on the roads with my children (10 and 7) and this is the first rule I taught them.
As cycling gets increasingly popular in London and around the UK, all eyes should be focused on this incredible bicycle storage
Often gimmicks that make the most interesting story, while the genuinely useful stuff gets sidelined. To help sort the wheat from the chaff, here are three game changing gadgets from CES, and three you'll probably never own.
The public's incredible reaction to the Tour de France which finished on Sunday may have surprised some, but its legacy through quality cycling provision in Britain must be a surprise to no-one.
A woman was knocked off her bike and left with injuries to her neck and hand after malicious pranksters tied a rope across
A man who set up a camera to catch the person responsible for repeatedly puncturing his bike's tyres was shocked to discover
A new satnav will alert lorry drivers in London when they're approaching a cycling accident hotspot. The GPS device will