Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund reviewing its grant to a transgender children's charity is just one example of the effects of recent transphobia
The Big Lottery Fund's investment will help a vast number of people and organisations develop vital digital skills whilst acting as a platform to test established metrics, and develop new ones, to measure each partner's specific outcomes as well as those of One Digital as a whole. We will then be able to reflect on the impact and benefits for both digital champions and learners, and use these learnings to help us ensure everyone in the UK has the basic digital skills they need to benefit from the internet.
I find the most compelling element of this investment is that it is there to explore [and hopefully find] what methods actually works and learn from those. Inevitably, other geographic areas can copy the good stuff instead of wasting money reinventing the wheel.
Abbie's ending is a happy one but it shouldn't all be down to circumstance and luck. Through these 12 partnerships and the learning they generate, we hope to permanently change the odds in favour of the thousands of other people across the country who desperately need our help.
Building the case for major changes in services takes time. The young people who helped us to make this investment will be well into their twenties by the time the full effects are felt. I firmly believe future generations will have cause to thank them.
My work generally involved helping run workshops and sitting in on one-to-one counselling sessions for pupils who had either been referred by a teacher or who just wanted to drop in and chat. I was really surprised at the range of issues and problems that can affect younger children.
Eek. Following my bravado of setting a public target, now comes the fear. As part of the new Olympic legacy project, Britain's Personal Best, I have challenged myself to perform a song that I have written in public. And now, in the vernacular, I am cacking it.
A total of £5.3 million of Lottery money which helped build the Olympic Park is being reused to back grassroots sports and