Bill Maher

"We don”t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day”.
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are like, ‘You might want to slow down a little bit guys.’
'I had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint just to like steel myself from the rest of it.'
Actor Woody Harrelson has recalled the “brutal” meal he once had with President Donald Trump. On Friday’s broadcast of “Real
Maher has a laundry list of disgusting comments.
'Why do Republicans get away with this? Why do they have patriotic immunity?'
American talkshow host Bill Maher lambasted Republicans on Friday night in an impassioned speech condemning right-wing politicians
Piers Morgan had to learn the hard way that you just can’t win them all on Friday (10 February) night, when he made an appearance