birth defects

This isn’t the nanny state gone mad - this is a sensible, evidence-based measure that impact on birth defects
Yeah, eating asparagus does make your pee smell. However, once you're past that, there are numerous reasons to fill the plate
Files discovered recently by campaigners, and brought to my attention, reveal that, in 1967, a Paediatrician at Queen Mary's Hospital in London, Dr. Isabel Gal, found a link between Hormone Pregnancy Tests such as Primodos, and spinal congenital malformation in newborn babies.
Marriage between first cousins more than doubles the risk of having a baby with birth defects, a study has shown. The trend
IVF is a big business. With infertility now affecting one in six couples, IVF is something that has become somewhat of a necessity for some couples wishing to conceive their own biological child. Often times, couples are so desperate for a baby, that they don't even consider the toll it can take on their physical and emotional well being.
Babies born to mothers who are exposed to organic solvents at work have a slightly higher risk of having a congenital heart
It has been a little over a week since the ninth anniversary of the Iraq war's launch. Watching the UK news over recent days, it seemed that at this milestone moment, serious mainstream media reflection on a conflict that officially ended only months ago were in short supply.
More than one in 50 babies has a birth defect - almost double the previous estimate, according to the most comprehensive
Light drinking in pregnancy has no effect on premature birth, small babies or low birthweight, research has suggested. Experts