Black Friday

If you're about to embark upon your Christmas shopping then now is the time because Black Friday is here! In two days some of the biggest names on the high street will be cutting prices and offering brilliant deals on ideal Christmas gifts.
Made these comments... It was the week we saw the aftermath of that tweet about that house on the day of that by election
Black Friday is traditionally an American sale, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday, but retailers have begun to capitalise
Why, though, must such a key moment in the retail calendar be confined to the sofa? It's one thing entertaining people at home with a wonderful two-minute film, quite another to entice them into shops to stock up on Christmas gifts and order the turkey.
The websites for Tescos, Argos, Currys and Game have all crashed due to the volume of consumers looking to take advantage
We’re calling it early – this woman has hands down won Black Friday. Our hero entered the fray in Asda’s Wembley superstore
Black Friday. It sounds sinister, like something to be avoided at all costs, but tell that to the thousands of people who
Black Friday has well and truly hit the UK, and if you head down to Asda you can expect to find insane queues, the odd brawl
Shoppers described scenes of "carnage" as people scrambled for the best deals. One person who bagged a coffee machine at
I may or may not dive into the Black Friday madness in a bid to score Christmas gift bargains and have them shipped homeward by airmail in what I would like to think of as ample time, in reality this will probably fare differently.