black history month

The National Portrait Gallery’s newest exhibition features photographs of influential Black British figures by Simon Frederick. It’s the largest acquisition of Afro-Caribbean sitters in the gallery’s history.
Naomi Campbell, Les Ferdinand and Sir Trevor McDonald celebrated in London exhibition
We must draw attention to the lack of people with darker skin shades in high profile or high status positions and the obstacles they face
When Black Britons grow up learning a monolithic version of their history, it silences current Black British voices and fades out the work of Black British civil rights activists
It becomes even more critical that we advance and promote the importance of black British history and its connection to world history both past and present
HuffPost UK brings you the top ten pieces of art and photography on the theme of black culture in the UK
As civil rights leader Marcus Garvey said: 'A people without knowledge of their history and culture is like a tree without roots'. It is time black people took back control of how their story is told.
Some campaigners say the Windrush scandal has undermined cultural heritage celebrations.
HuffPost UK/IPG Mediabrands launches art competition for Black History Month
'The rules weren't made with black people in mind.'