black holes

CNN has found itself at the nexus of an internet controversy and bad taste after a host wondered on air if a black hole might
The Chandra X-Ray Space Observatory has just photographed some kind of terrifying hyperspace portal deathship in deep space
Earlier this year no less than Stephen Hawking declared that black holes might not really exist. Now researchers claim we
Stephen Hawking might have just lost himself a bet. Again. The famed physicist has written in a new paper that "there are
Astronomers have revealed what's actually inside the mysterious jets of energy which stream out from the middle of black
Astronomers are developing a way to 'see' black holes using a telescope said to be roughly the size of the Earth. Thankfully
The nearest spiral galaxy to ours, which will one day collide with us spelling our fiery doom, is riddled with black holes
Loading... A black hole has 'woken up' from a deep sleep - and eaten a planet 30 times the mass of Jupiter. The European
Nasa may have discovered the youngest black hole in the Milky Way. The agency's Chandra X-ray Observatory caught the remnant
The supermassive black holes lurking at the centre of our - and every other - galaxy are growing surprisingly quickly, researchers