Victim-blaming, denialism, and character assassination could not be further from the response the Jewish community are crying out for, Labour campaigner Joshua Garfield writes
An economy of our size isolating itself from global trade does nothing but harm developing countries, hinder innovation and drive prices up, writes Matt Gillow
The relationships we see played out on screen show us a cartoonish caricature of finding 'The One'. What we should be doing instead is looking for a partner who is ‘good enough’, writes Charlotte Fox Weber
Women may still have to fight against many barriers to equality, but how much better it would be if our daughters didn’t have to? Conservative MP Helen Whately writes
There are an estimated 80,000 converts to Islam in Britain, with their number growing by 5,000 every year, yet many of still treated with suspicion, Adeem Younis writes
Sir Kim is just the latest senior civil servant to be targeted for not serving a narrow political agenda, the FDA's Dave Penman writes
It almost doesn't matter whether you think Corbyn is an anti-Semite or not – his inaction in the face of blatant racism exposes his inability to end this crisis, writes Rabbil Sikdar
Frankly, if Boris Johnson doesn’t appoint Truss as the UK’s first female chancellor, he will have already failed one of his most important tasks on day one, writes Jack Powell
The thousands of women who had to travel, the thousands who had to take pills from online, the hundreds of people who have told of their stories – this is for you, writes Alliance for Choice's Emma Campbell
From throwing Kim Darroch 'under a bus' to bungling the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, this is what we should expect from a Johnson premiership, writes journalist Anthony Harwood