blood donation

"There is perhaps only one circumstance in which it is acceptable to suggest to a loved one what I was about to suggest to my sister."
Many are hesitant to become a donor, but there may be some surprising perks that could benefit your body and mind.
People with O positive and O negative blood types are being urged to donate as soon as possible.
While the change doesn’t mean equality for all men like me just yet, ending this hurtful, bizarre rule is worth celebrating.
Currently, men who have sex with men must not have had sex for three months if they wish to donate blood.
The NHS is looking for donors to help treat those struggling with coronavirus symptoms. Here's how the process works.
Men are being urged to donate as families whose children have been saved share their stories.
Former members say "bleeding for seed", which involves young people giving the church money made from blood donations, has become normalised.
Thousands of gay and bi men can’t donate to save lives like my Grandad's donor did. So I'm asking men to pledge a pint of blood in protest, writes Ethan Spibey
Women made up nearly two-thirds of new donors last year.