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While the change doesn’t mean equality for all men like me just yet, ending this hurtful, bizarre rule is worth celebrating.
Currently, men who have sex with men must not have had sex for three months if they wish to donate blood.
The NHS is looking for donors to help treat those struggling with coronavirus symptoms. Here's how the process works.
Men are being urged to donate as families whose children have been saved share their stories.
Former members say "bleeding for seed", which involves young people giving the church money made from blood donations, has become normalised.
Thousands of gay and bi men can’t donate to save lives like my Grandad's donor did. So I'm asking men to pledge a pint of blood in protest, writes Ethan Spibey
Women made up nearly two-thirds of new donors last year.
Nurse Simonne Kerr had appeared on the popular show to encourage blood donations.
1 in 5 people who died on the transplant list is from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background.
"Stock levels can drop dramatically if too many go missed or unfilled."
Thursday 14th June is World Blood Donor Day and I would urge anyone, but particularly my peers, to consider giving up half an hour of your time
I’m not happy that I still cannot donate because of my sexuality
via GIPHY It's quite difficult managing a public -facing communication platform and taking such a bold position, but in all
I donate blood because I want to; a bit of me feels that I ought to, making some regular deposits in exchange for all the withdrawals we've made, but I'm not obliged to do so. I don't get a summons in the post requiring my attendance, or showing my balance sheet of how much blood I still owe. And if I did, I imagine I would feel less warm and satisfied about donating; indeed, probably quite resentful.
I didn't know it was possible to have chemo and not be sick or lose your hair. The intensive chemo regimen made Andrew's hair fall out and made him throw up every day for nine months. However, for two and a half years after this the maintenance chemotherapy just kept things at bay whilst he looked every inch the 'normal' little boy with a mop of crazy hair.
This week is Organ Donation Week - a time when I would encourage you all to speak to your loved ones to know their wishes and for them to know yours. A few words now can make an extraordinary difference to people who have no hope other than a stranger choosing to donate.
The announcement of the Contaminated Blood Scandal Inquiry by Theresa May on 11 July 2017 was overwhelmingly welcomed by
For as long as gay and bisexual men, who are not at high risk, are told they are, and their blood is refused, then discrimination exists. We've learned the hard way that equality is won in inches and not in miles so for now let's take this victory. The changes are due to be implemented in Scotland in November 2017 and January 2018 in England, so when they do, if you can, give a pint or two and make a BIG thing about it.