boob job

Interest in 'labiaplasty' has never been greater here in the UK, as more and more women seek out the most personal of all aesthetic treatments.
The 'Loose Woman' has shared pics of her latest surgery online.
Katie Price has undergone what is believed to be her eighth boob job.  The artist formerly known as Jordan shared pictures
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A mother-of-three has revealed how a boob job helped her to detect breast cancer and, as a result, saved her life. Leza Davies
Courtney O'Keefe thought she was in for the holiday of a lifetime when she booked a trip to Thailand in 2013. After losing
Breasts have been big news in recent weeks, with The Sun's Page 3 and debate around breastfeeding in public dominating headlines
What happens when you get twins who both want plastic surgery? Identical procedures, that's what. Emma and Sara Koponen have
A beauty therapist whose confidence hit rock-bottom after her breasts began to sag, went for cosmetic surgery abroad, which
Liberty Caton once hated her body so much she refused to have her photograph taken. The 23-year old from Slough, Berkshire