Border Security

Whilst our governments need to explain what is happening and build operational resilience, we as consumers need to play our part and understand why security is important, embrace those security requirements, always making sure our 'documentation' is in order, but importantly, allowing ourselves more time to get to the airport so that we can navigate security without adding to the stress of travel!
One of the most prominent rallying cries from those who'd have the UK depart the European Union is to take 'control of our borders'. It sounds like a straightforward enough proposition, but it's an overly simplistic argument that could potentially lead to our borders being far more difficult to control than they are now.
The hell of Raqqa: where the French have joined the bloodied military games, the whips of Daesh rule the land and morality
I'm on the Fink tour bus, somewhere in Ukraine. Earlier today we were woken at 7am (having not crept into our bunks until about 3am after the show we played in Minsk, Belarus) and told to get dressed and ready, passports and vaguely sober expressions close at hand, for the border crossing.
Photo: Chris Bethell | @CBethell_photo "This is what a border feels like!" was the chant echoing through the halls of the
This week, the Nation of OOOG paid a visit to 'the Jungle', the dubiously-named refugee camp on the outskirts of Calais. We
Nigel Farage has prompted fresh outrage over the Calais migrant crisis, with social media users criticising the Ukip leader
The international students in the UK provide British universities with so much money, it would really not be detrimental to us in any significant way for them to work part-time or find graduate jobs after studying. Many of us Brits love to travel, study abroad, work abroad, and retire abroad. We need to be more open to those who wish to do the same in the UK.
An Ivorian man is due to appear in a Spanish court after his eight-year-old son was found in a suitcase at a North African
More than 700 foreign students have been banned from studying in the UK over fears they may use the knowledge they learn