borderline personality disorder

Johnny Depp fans have used Amber Heard's alleged borderline personality diagnosis to attack her. For people living with BPD, it's beyond triggering.
Lockdown has pushed people "on the borderlines of deprivation" into further hardship, says England's chief medical officer.
Having more than one mental health problem can be incredibly exhausting. Some days I just don’t want to get out of bed because I’m afraid of how my brain will react to the world around me
Maybe one day I will be able to safely diversify my colour palette but, right now, black is my uniform, my grounding plate when my personality is ever-changing.
"I’d give anything to be able to regulate my own emotions – but I can’t. I’m doing the best I can.”
That cup of tea you offer, that open ear, the gentle text or hug could make the world of difference
Since I was a teenager I had never not worked - after my diagnosis, I decided I wouldn’t be able to work a ‘normal’ job until I had the right skills
Here I am, recently diagnosed, wanting to raise awareness and help others understand that more than one mental illness exists
I find it difficult to trust, and I believe everyone either loves or hates me, nothing in between
I have found a much more balanced perspective in my own mind since making this choice