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'We can’t have a situation where people don’t feel safe'
Sadiq Khan has warned that more London Tube stations may have to close at busy times in a bid to avoid dangerous overcrowding
Boris Johnson apologised on Monday after giving his wife a quick "backie" on his bicycle. The mayor of London was criticised
There are a number of ways to get around London but few are as fun - or dangerous - as how these gents manage it. In order
Ian Laurie, Robert Holden and Matthew Winstone Their efforts have so far raised more than £3,600 for Macmillan Cancer Support
Barclays is to end its sponsorship of the so-called Boris Bikes, introduced by London Mayor Boris Johnson to the capital
A teenager boy has been stabbed while walking with his mother in Hackney. The 16-year-old victim was surrounded by a group
The family of the first person to be killed on a "Boris bike" watched as the moment she was knocked off her wheels by a lorry
Cycle accidents on our roads are tragic, and it is right that thought and effort is put into addressing this. However fining cyclists seems a bit of a futile waste of time that will do little more than boost revenues for the city.
Boris Johnson will change his name to 'Barclays Johnson' if the bank continues to provide financial support for the London