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A black woman has written an open letter to demand men stop trying to “tick having sex with a black woman off their bucket
John Akinde performs his poem Letters in an exclusive vlog for HuffPost UK. In it he touches on how a letter took away the place he called home in the name of gentrification, how letters tell him what money he owes, where to be, and that he needs to vote. However, he doesn't ever get a letter telling him who represents him.
So here I am, 25 and still alive! The pain I've been through has shaped me. And what I try to remind people of is that there is always hope. Long live the rose that grew from the concrete! Sometimes our dark times can lead us into the light and then beautiful things can flourish.
My children are the speakers of tomorrow, the next generation. I want them to have a voice. I want to prepare them to deal effectively with the difficulties of the world today and to stand up for themselves and their beliefs.
Ignorance, shame and stigma. Dishonour and disempowerment. This needs to be addressed now, not just by individuals but has to occur on a community level. The world health organisation has asked us today, On World Health Day, to speak out about depression. We must do this within our Asian community. It is time to break the silence.
So when I saw Nivea's 'White is Purity' deodorant ad campaign, it was hard to not loudly proclaim WTF GUYS. Anyone whose synapses are still firing in their brain should realise the terrible history and connotations of the 'white is right, and dark is bad' ideology. You don't need to have a history degree or a module in post-colonial literature to know this.
'I want all my dark skin girls to know that we are chocolate goddesses.'
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During my school days, history was something that hardly filled me with excitement. Even watching Doctor Who episodes set