Born This Way

It's been a decade since the LGBTQ anthem debuted and marked the dawn of a new era for the pop icon.
The next few months are make or break for Lady Gaga. Poised for the release of her fifth studio album, the singer knows she has a lot to prove following, what can only be described as, a rocky few years. Once the biggest popstar in the world with more number ones and awards than you could shake a disco stick at, the wheels fell off after the release of her last album Artpop in 2013.
Global pop star Lady Gaga has raised eyebrows as the latest spending by her Born this Way foundation shows that only $5,000
Lady Gaga has cancelled the rest of her tour dates because of a hip injury. Live Nation Global Touring said the pop star
Sexual orientation is, I think, a complex thing and not reducible to the facile and outdated categories of nature or nurture. Likewise, rights can be complex. But the case here is simple, whether that way by chance or choice, gays and lesbians deserve the right to marry. Granting that right in the UK is a good choice, let's make it now.
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She's done it before on stage, now Madonna's taking pops at her seeming pop successor Lady Gaga, on television. The superstar
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