The first episode of the Channel 4 series, Make Bradford British, sought to address the challenges of developing an inclusive British national identity that accommodates the multicultural reality of daily life in many town and cities across the UK.
A primary school has 26 out of 700 pupils who speak English as their native language but this has not stopped the school
In every school I've worked in, I have been startled and disappointed by the racial segregation that occurs on a daily basis in our canteens and playgrounds. I cannot help but wonder what this means for a society that is again starting to realise that race and class are as divisive as they have always been.
Elections for mayors in 11 English cities will be held in November, after ministers decided to bring forward referendums
I'm not a regular reader of the Southern Daily Echo, but a piece I came across through a Twitter link this week caught my eye.
A music teacher who led a double life was jailed for 22 years on Wednesday for murdering his fiancée. Andrew Lindo, 29, strangled