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FACEPALM   Sure, he can vote in the referendum on 23 June, but his vote will certainly not be the deciding factor.  As a
The far-right group uploaded a video of the day to their Facebook page, but another one doing the rounds shows quite a different
Answers on a postcard please (no foreign ones from abroad though). In April of 2014, the Electoral Commission was forced
Read more on The Huffington Post But - somewhat unsurprisingly - all was not what it seemed. Davis quickly set the record
Britain First have posted a picture of school children seemingly doing a yoga pose which it said was "heartbreaking" in what
Britain First has claimed an unlikely victory over a pro-refugee march in London which showed just how unpopular their viewsreally
English Defence League (EDL) co-founder Tommy Robinson has defended one of TV’s Chuckle Brothers for publishing a social
Britain First members protest outside the East London Mosque "Police have a duty to safeguard the right to protest, and balance
A prominent Church of England reverend delivered a crushing message to far-right group 'Britain First' at one of their anti
Britain First's quest to have its leader elected as Mayor of London suffered a setback after its campaign slogans were disqualified