British Antarctic Survey

Iceberg A68a is heading straight towards an Antarctic island teeming with wildlife, including millions of birds and seals.
Our ambition is to address scientific questions that affect the entire planet and the lives of the individuals on it. The answers to these questions will deliver real benefits to society and underpin national and international policies that will impact the future of planet Earth.
Nasa and the British Antarctic Survey have produced an amazing new view of what Antarctica looks like under the ice. Unlike
The discovery of bacteria which thrives in a salty, ice-sealed Antarctic lake has strengthened the possibility of alien life
The UK's science base is one of the most important drivers of economic growth. If the government wants to ensure the future prosperity and well-being of the UK, it needs to invest more, not less, in our world class researchers and scientific organisations like the British Antarctic Survey.
It sounds a bit like the beginning of a Hollywood sci-fi thriller movie. A team of intrepid British scientists will travel
Global sea levels could rise at a significantly higher rate than had been previously predicted, a new study, published this