british medical association

Protesters also launch “We are off to Australia” mantra as a four-day strike begins amid a bitter row over pay.
"So many doctors have left the country, or left the profession, it has become unbearable."
But the shadow health secretary said he did not support the strike.
Junior doctors in England are set to go on strike for 72 hours next month in a row over pay.
The Labour MP has sparked a war of words with the trade union that represents doctors and medical students.
The BMA has warned there is no guarantee of the UK having enough Pfizer/BioNTech jabs in 12 weeks to deliver second doses.
Areas outside London and the South-East are now seeing the biggest increases in coronavirus cases.
Rare joint editorial by British Medical Journal and Health Service Journal warn PM against "a major error that will cost many lives"
One of the BMA's suggestions is replacing the ‘rule of six’ with a two households rule.