British nationality law

Glenda Caesar, who arrived in the UK as a baby in 1961, was unable to work for a decade.
Around 600,000 EU nationals in the UK might not apply for settled status, with disastrous consequences, the3million spokesperson Maike Bohn writes.
Everything you need to know to ensure you can cast your vote at the polls.
As the UK hurtles towards a potential no-deal Brexit, more than a million people living on the continent are waiting to find out what it will mean for their lives.
The Mail on Sunday reported that Jack Letts – a dual British and Canadian national – has had his UK citizenship revoked.
The six-year-old victim suffered serious injuries, including a broken back and brain trauma.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said on Friday it has seized two oil tankers - one British-flagged and the other British owned.
The developments come amid deteriorating relations between Beijing and London.
Adil Khan’s exact whereabouts are not known.
“Ms Begum was a pawn to your vanity," Mohammed Akunjee wrote in a letter.