British Olympic Association

'I have lost my best friend, my total buddy. She was my rock.'
British athletes competing at the Winter Olympics have been advised not to wear their official team kit in Sochi. The British
Lord Moynihan is stepping down as chairman of the British Olympic Association (BOA). Lord Moynihan, who helped steer Team
Things are changing in the existing state system, but not fast or far enough. Their lack of ambition betrays our children, particularly the cleverest. A recent survey found that less than half the teachers in state secondary schools would advise their brightest pupils to try for Oxford or Cambridge; a tragedy to haunt us long after the Olympic triumphs are forgotten.
In the Olympic Café, just a bacon buttie's throw from Wembley Stadium, enthusiasm for the London Olympics was decidedly muted. But then this was 2002: even the Athens Games were still a couple of years away, and whatever goes for tumbleweed in East London was still blowing through the unregenerated Lower Lea Valley.
Former drugs cheat Dwain Chambers will be free to compete at the London 2012 Olympic Games after the British Olympic Association