British Pregnancy Advisory Service

The change to allow medical abortions at home following a phone or video consultation was introduced during lockdown.
"If they’re so concerned with preserving life, why are they then taking part in a non-socially distanced activity?"
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has launched the new postal system as the UK lockdown continues.
The centre said it had protests outsides its clinics everyday since 2014.
A estimated one in three women will have an abortion by the time they reach 45.
Women can begin to miscarry on their way home from clinics, under current regulations.
Pressure is building on the government to offer the same rights to those in England.
Shortages on NHS services mean some women are having to continue with pregnancies they do not want.
As the celebrated US feminist Gloria Steinem said on a trip to the UK last week - that "the state stops at our skins". Without the ability to make reproductive choices, we lose the ability to make decisions about our lives... Why in 2016 can a woman be sent to prison for trying to end her own pregnancy‎, and a nurse or midwife for helping her?
The anti-abortion movement in Britain has largely failed. The public is pro-choice, and indeed favours a more woman-centred framework than the 1967 Abortion Act currently allows. Every parliamentary attempt in recent years to restrict access to abortion has been defeated. All should be well. But the new government has many members who voted in favour of these defeated restrictions. Indeed, their voting records suggest this is the most anti-abortion government in living memory. So what will this mean for women in the next five years?