The shadow justice secretary has vowed to introduce specialist courts to deal with the backlog of cases.
The 33-year-old went missing on March 3 after leaving a friend's house in Clapham, south London.
Brixton’s Aries Bakehouse saw business booming during lockdown - thanks to local love and support, as well as a new online shop from Square (set up by a loyal customer).
Promotional feature from Square
Lee Lawrence says if the shooting of his mother in her Brixton home had been filmed it would have sparked global outrage, like George Floyd's killing.
A community soup kitchen in Brixton has changed its role during the coronavirus lockdown. Brixton Soup Kitchen was set up to help the homeless but since lockdown has also been providing for the elderly and vulnerable families with delivery of hot food.
Graffiti was found on a building near to the North Brixton Islamic Cultural Centre.
Boris Johnson's history of racist remarks does not appear to have put voters off – a worrying fact for community members in south London.
In one of the most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods in the country, a community project is working to transform the lives of young people – using horses. The Ebony Horse Club was founded by Ros Spearing in Loughborough Junction, with the club offering children from the area a sanctuary from urban life whilst teaching them the value of hard work, patience and working with others.
Glendon Spence was a regular at the Marcus Lipton Youth Centre in Brixton, jurors heard.