There's nothing like a 40th anniversary to make you feel old! This week's celebrations for LBC Radio and the start of legally authorised commercial radio in Britain have taken me right back to October 1973 - long before I joined BBC News, where I was media correspondent for 24 years.
Public service broadcasting in the UK is the result of some 90 years of deliberate and carefully considered policy. In the Communications Act, Parliament for the first time incorporated that policy comprehensively in legislation and set up the review and reporting process to support it.
The Queen officially opened the BBC's new broadcasting house on Friday but appeared at one point to photobomb newsreaders
Queen Elizabeth II has officially opened the BBC's newly rebuilt Broadcasting House in London, marking the occasion by giving
Now that we are all looking at the Coronation again on its 60th anniversary, I can see that the Coronation being broadcast on TV was the real start of the new era when posh began to give way to popular culture.
Campaign group Liberty has warned against a broadcast ban on hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Shami Chakrabarti said politicians
Older women are barely visible on TV because of a "combination of ageism and sexism", it has been claimed. New figures released
In 2013 such opportunities are rare. Most people recommend embarking on a university degree course, even if you want to be a presenter. But even once that course is completed and you have your qualification, entry into the industry is difficult.
BBC journalists and other staff will go on strike on Thursday in a row over jobs, workload and claims of bullying, threatening
The Broadcasting Press Guild is Britain's professional association of journalists who write about TV and radio, and our awards are the biggest event in our annual calendar. The awards present a rare opportunity to the hacks who vote in them: the chance to be unstintingly nice about the programmes that we select.