To suggest that Trump is effectively a puppet of bureaucracy undermines his office and America’s leadership and power abroad
'It is an unfortunate incident that clearly shows how insensitive home affairs officials are. This runs contrary to their principle of Batho Pele.'
Bureaucracy is necessary to manage large institutions. But it can also be alienating.
I often get asked - How do I motivate employees? Well, that's my talent as a public speaker- to deliver motivational and inspirational business talks. What I don't always tell these corporate clients is that they should take a look at their company culture if employees are leaving.
Lord Rose of Monewden, the former CEO of Marks & Spencer, has now launched his 'let's stay in Europe' campaign based on a simple piece of dubious mathematics. He claims that every Briton will be 'better off' by £450 a year if the nation remains in the EU.
Consider the word "crisis" in the modern world. Which would be the first geographical region that comes to your mind when you think about "crisis"? Maybe not Europe? At least, perhaps not until recent months, when the region became plagued with two major crises -- the financial one caused by our Greek friends, and the currently trending news item, the migrant crisis.
Romania's diplomats, cabinet ministers and senior civil servants are often like this and they glide effortlessly between international postings, NATO missions, summit meetings, the European Parliament and the major capital cities of the world.
Britain's National Health Service was built upon the firmly held conviction that good healthcare should be available to everyone in society - that it should be based on clinical need rather than one's ability to pay hefty sums of money upfront. Well, apparently that's no longer the case.
The EU gets a lot of bad press in Britain for its perceived addiction to pointless and occasionally bizarre regulations. Who could forget the reports about straight bananas, fishermen's hairnets and a ban on topless builders?
Maybe, like high-tech production facilities there is a need to rethink the long-term effects of working on the same task day after day. IT was supposed to make our lives simpler and increase the range of things we could do. Some may be justified in feeling that it has helped to enslave.