Bushfires in Australia

As scores of koalas battle to recover from Australia's destructive fires, hopeful stories of survivors are emerging.
The $1,450 vessel was taken from Crowdy Bay National Park in New South Wales.
"I have never seen anything like this before, and I’ve been in and around this stuff for 20 years," the CEO of one environmental group reveals.
Almost 500m animals are believed to have been killed in the state alone as a result of the bushfires.
Dozens of similar demonstrations are set to take place around the globe to call for a more robust response to the crisis.
Australians are rallying to help communities and animals affected with amazing acts of kindness – you can, too.
Aussie stars Kylie Minogue and Naomi Watts have also spoken out about the fires that are raging across their home country.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was heckled during a visit to Corbago, one of the towns that has been ravaged by bushfires this season. Residents refused to shake the Prime Minister’s hand until he promised more funding, and told him, “you won’t be getting any votes down here, buddy. You’re an idiot.” Morrison is facing increasing pressure as the fires continue to spread.
Former PR man criticised for forced handshakes, a holiday in Hawaii and climate change policies.
Fire and Rescue New South Wales has confirmed the crew is now safe.
Firefighters have warned the blazes will rage until significant rainfall arrives – which could be months away.
A burnt Christmas tree sculpture in Sydney is serving as a poignant reminder of the damage caused by bushfires in Australia this year. Made from charred branches and household debris from the fires, including smoke alarms and a scorched bicycle, the installation aims to raise money for victims of the fires.