Cabinet Office

Prime minister launches full throated defence of embattled home secretary at PMQs as she faces an onslaught of bullying allegations.
Home secretary makes call for unity after accusations from the most senior official at the Home Office.
Boris Johnson has asked the Cabinet Office to "establish the facts" following allegations that the home secretary breached the ministerial code.
Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle has all of Westminster buzzing, with the shock resignation of Chancellor Sajid Javid. What does it reveal about how this government will go about their work?Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth discuss the cabinet reshuffle with Sajid Javid’s former special advisor Salma Shah.
Celebrities, high profile politicians, and senior government officials have all had their personal details accidentally published.
Alun Cairns resigned as Welsh secretary last month after he was accused of “brazenly lying”.
The 15-week-old Jack Russell-cross was rescued after it was abandoned by puppy farmers.
Staffer was escorted by police from Downing Street after Dominic Cummings meeting, causing backlash from ministers, special advisers and civil servants.
Downing Street says his conduct was a matter for Theresa May.
The director continues to hold a British honour despite being stripped of titles by other countries and institutions.