As customers in European cities line up to stockpile food and hand sanitisers, some Dutch shoppers have new priorities after the government announced cannabis cafe closures on Sunday. People queued up just minutes after ministers ordered most businesses and schools shut down in a televised press conference.
Read more on The Huffington Post The appropriately named Mermaid Island Café is located in the Pathum Thani province. Upon
'The stupidest thing I’ve seen on the internet all week.'
A Dublin-based café owner has come under fire for telling customers who order gluten-free food they need to bring a doctor’s
There are few pleasures as universal as dining out with family and friends. Grabbing a pint in the pub with an old friend or going to dinner with loved ones are some of our favourite ways to spend quality time social time with our nearest and dearest. Far from being merely a place to eat and drink, restaurants, cafes and bars are social spaces - social spaces that across the UK we elect to spend our time, and our money.
When Anshu was 16, she had acid thrown in her face. Kapil Sharma, 55, was a fellow villager from Bijnor, in India's Uttar
A cafe owner from London has divided opinion after reportedly saying children are "not welcome" at her establishment. Eileen
On a busy street in the middle of Glasgow, an often overlooked cafe awaits your company. The Blue Chair community cafe encompasses everything that is great about Glasgow: a warm environment, a super friendly clientele and bursting to the seams with creative endeavour.
With the recent onslaught of quirky eateries, including an owl bar and a fox café, we thought we'd seen all London had to