cancer diagnosis

Unexplained weight loss and fatigue could warrant a referral.
Metastatic Breast Cancer. The average person struggles to pronounce the word let alone understand what it means.
Firstly, and mainly, being diagnosed is a very hard process to fully accept. Once this is done, it is easy to move on with your life, enjoy life and make friends again.
'Incidence is two or three times higher in males.'
Scientists think they have finally cracked the mystery surrounding the higher prevalence of cancer in men than women, and
I thought it would be useful to share some of the emotions that I know many people go through when they first learn about their loved ones cancer diagnosis. I think it always helps to know that other people are going through the same feelings and experiences. So
Scientists hope their research will help doctors identify who would benefit from autologous stem cell transplants.
The use of autologous stem cell transplants to treat blood cancer may age patients’ immune cells by up to 30 years, a new
Combining humans with AI can reduce the error rate by 85 per cent.
Research has shown that Artificial Intelligence is almost as good as humans at detecting metastatic breast cancer. A team
There are many connotations around cancer; that it affects old people and middle aged women. That women only really get breast cancer. That teenagers can't get cancer. However seven young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every day. That's over 2,500 new cases every year, and these statistics don't include relapses of illness.
'This has destroyed all my faith in doctors.'
A mother who was diagnosed with cancer just a month after getting married is facing an uncertain future – as doctors treated
A woman who passed away from terminal cancer earlier this week left a heartfelt letter for friends and family, asking her
Would you like to know what I have learned? Maybe, just maybe, there is a certain strength in weakness. Anyone who has had a family member with Cancer knows very well that this disease will push you to - and beyond - your emotional limits. But maybe such pain is a reality we must all be prepared to experience in some form?
A diagnosis lottery means that cancer patients in some parts of the country have a better chance of survival than those in
A mother-of-three who found out she had incurable cancer six weeks after giving birth is hoping to complete her bucket list
Early cancer diagnosis could triple a patient's chances of survival, experts have revealed. Researchers have spoken of the
The previous Government set a measly target to bring the UK up to the average survival rates for Europe; an increase of just 3% after 5 years. How can we achieve a breakthrough in the battle against cancer when our aim is to do no better than other countries are already doing? And meanwhile, other countries are probably investing more, setting more ambitious targets and forging even further ahead.
Warning: Graphic Images A mum-of-four has credited chipping her tooth while opening her son's juice bottle with saving her