Cancer survivor

Everyone wants to believe he is immune to cancer, especially the young. But it is time that we abandoned the false sense of security inherent in the myth that we are too young for cancer. Doing so would lower the rate of late-stage diagnoses, improve outcomes, and create more inclusive and supportive communities for patients and survivors.
I found myself just crying for no real reason, I couldn't sleep, I'd often wake up with tears streaming down my face and I found it really difficult to articulate what was going on. Mortality had smacked me in face again and at least some part of me felt shattered, whether that be my loss of innocence, my sense of who I was, my view on time, my view on what next.
A change in focus. A change in priorities. A change in what matters most. Something I've experienced and heard so much in the past few months. Cancer really has a way of throwing everything up in the air, with it landing in different places than thrown.
Cancer can be as overwhelming for loved ones as it is for the patient and can sometimes change relationships in unexpected ways, including the effect it can have on marriages and intimate relationships.
When we find out that a friend or relative has cancer, it often brings out the best, or the worst, in us. It can turn us into super-attentive, meal-making, help-giving super mates, or send us shuffling, scared, in the opposite direction.
Recovering from breast cancer treatment isn't just about the medication and the affects it had on your body; it's also about healing your mental state and grasping that new outlook on life. Post cancer, I now think of my life in 2 parts; my 'old' life and my 'new' life and in the latter, I take more time in making my decisions whilst also seeking new experiences.
But in order to not look back at 2013 as a year of tragedy, loss and bad news, I'm trying my hardest to focus on the fighting spirit it has caused so many of us to employ.
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