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Whilst I was reading about the new law, I learned that in the UK it is recommended that infants should remain in their rear facing car seats until they are 15 months old! Group 0+ car seats are suitable for weights up to 13kg.
A mum has shared an image of the damage caused by a seatbelt during a car accident, in a bid to encourage parents to use
Car seat safety is a big concern for parents; trying to make a well-informed decision with such a wealth of information and
We are all too aware of the inhumanity in the world around us; the repugnant acts of depravity such as that I describe above. Thank goodness we don't, in general, have to contend with such wickedness in our country.
Consumer demand is a very powerful tool in our global marketplace. And today consumers have the chance to use this power
Kim Kardashian has come under fire for the way her daughter North West and her daughter's friend were strapped in a car seat
The shopping list for a newborn could go on forever, and a car seat for your child is probably near the top. But according
A new car safety system would place airbags on the side of a car to prevent catastrophic injuries in the event of a side