career change

Your skills may be more transferable than you think.
New year, new job? From retraining to launching a business, these women show it’s never too late to take the leap.
A stressful NHS career burned me out. Then I met my first llama and everything changed, writes Celia Gaze.
I just couldn’t see myself continuing to wake up early, get stuck in traffic while commuting to an office and having to sit in a chair for eight hours a day over the next 40 years or more – so I created my own business
Your health is more important than any job – it's okay not to be okay with your career and life
Some people are more resistant to change than others, and don't want to let go of things for fear that the alternative may be worse. However, sometimes this means that they don't recognise that their current situation isn't doing them any good either.
You might be considering whether to go to University, you might be starting your first job out of University or you might
Now I am a middle aged fool reconnecting with my dreams. I am still misunderstood and judged, but that's ok. I can cope with that. And I am hoping to live long enough to become an old fool with a heart full of passion.
If you were at the end of your life now, looking back, how would you feel about the choices you made?
I really didn't think that my generation had to worry about those choices that I saw my mum making. It was only after speaking to my NCT group that I realised I was the only one who was planning to return to full time work. When I looked at my friends who had kids very few of them were working full time.