Prince Harry has described his Diamond Jubilee tour as an "emotional trip" that opened his eyes to how fondly Commonwealth
More than 500 people have joined the search for a British man who has gone missing in the Cayman Islands. Nathan Clarke, originally
Lana Del Rey was sitting behind me on my flight to Berlin this morning. I can empathise with being thrust into the spotlight before you've had a chance to catch yourself. Trying to grow as an artist and a person under intense scrutiny is a nightmare. Some people seem desperate to label her as a fake. Why can't it just be a good tune sung by a beautiful girl?
Six rowers have been rescued from a life raft in the North Atlantic after their boat capsized. The crew of the Sara G, five
Most people have crazy ideas after a few drinks, laugh it off the next day and move on, but not us, my background is PR & marketing and Steve's background before running bars was exhibition design and build, so the next day we weren't laughing, we were putting together a budget for flights, hotels, transport, stages, lighting and sound.
Anguilla is a part of the British West Indies, measuring only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, with only 15,000 inhabitants who have built their lives around the travel and leisure industry. Anguilla is within close proximity to larger islands including Puerto Rico, St. Martin and Antigua, which are served by regular international commercial flights.
A plane has crashed and broken in two in Guyana, causing injuries but no reported deaths. The Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The grieving parents of a British honeymoon couple shot dead on the holiday island of Antigua have spoken