Phillip Schofield is set to return to kids TV, where he began his career in Children’s BBC’s Broom Cupboard. READ MORE: Phillip
Still missing is regular, usualised (to use Sue Sanders word) portrayals of LGBT pupils, parents and role models who are happy, successful and kind human beings- just going about their lives. Such portrayals send a vital life-changing message to the emergent young LGBT souls out there.
I love Danger Mouse. Well, I loved it when I was eight. I'd probably love it again now if I was still eight. But the announcement that Danger Mouse was being remade by the BBC was a bit of a shock. Is it really the best children's TV the BBC can do today? Are there really no talented British animation houses with original stories to tell?
'Danger Mouse' is making a comeback more than twenty years since the rodent superhero and his trusty sidekick Penfold, graced
If the BBC thinks that they can continue to broadcast "TV" shows to the online world they are way behind the curve. They need to be much more gangster with their new approach to making content both long form and short form and look at how the online word is doing it better, bolder and cheaper.
Our education system needs to prepare young people leaving school, not just with a varied CV that might help them get a job working for someone else, but to recognise and realise that some young people leaving school could actually start their own business and be the entrepreneurs of the future.
Priscilla is currently starring in panto as the Wicked Queen in 'Snow White' Priscilla - whose role in 'Snow White' comes
Pam St Clement has landed her first new role since EastEnders - and she'll still be in her trademark leopardskin. The former
The BBC faced a virulent Twitter backlash today as thousands of people wrongly believed that Play Schoolwas about to be axed
Twitter went into a frenzy on Wednesday after rumours circulated that the cherished children's TV show Blue Peter was going