The CBI's Josh Hardie tells HuffPost UK about the "harsh reality" of job losses post-coronavirus lockdown.
Labour accuses Britain's biggest business lobby of "incoherent scaremongering" over the up front cost of its renationalisation programme.
CBI wants a 'bridge' where existing EU relationship remains until deal done.
Britain’s biggest business group has urged Theresa May to avoid a disastrous “cliff-edge” when the UK quits the EU by keeping
Business rates. You see... some of you are already nodding off! Business rates - how they are calculated, how they are billed
Mrs May said during the referendum campaign that leaving the Single Market risked making the British people poorer. Certainly, leaving business interests outside of the new committee infrastructure for these negotiations - and failing to reflect the interests of employers and employees within them - risks getting the detail wrong and making us all worse off as a result.
The five things you need to know on Wednesday, December 21… 1) BOTHER THERESA The Commons has risen for Christmas recess
Hopes of a ‘soft Brexit’ have grown after Theresa May tried to reassure business she wouldn’t force them over a “cliff-edge