Central America

In a 5-4 vote, the court rejected the request made by an environmental group and a border community group.
In mid-October 2018, a large group of migrants, mostly from Central America, started walking towards the US border. Fleeing poverty and gang violence, some tried to cross legally and were offered asylum in Mexico. Others were given a 45-day visitor pass. Frustrated with the delays, some decided to push forward illegally into Mexico.
Hurricane Michael has so far killed 15 people in the US and Central America. It’s the third-strongest storm on record.
Indigenous people, Japanese Americans and African Americans have all had to endure the anguish of having their children ripped from their arms
One of Central America's most active volcanoes erupted on Sunday 3rd June. Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego, or ‘Volcano of Fire’, exploded in a hail of molten rock killing dozens and blanketing nearby villages in heavy ash. An undetermined number are still missing, and authorities fear the toll could rise.