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It also said it was launching the project to support the construction industry.
When Theresa May stood up to make her speech today, she had a real opportunity. She could have drawn a line under the Coalition Government's failings, and announced new money to treat society's mental health. She could have defined herself as a reforming Prime Minister, addressing head-on one of the biggest health challenges of our times. Instead, she came up with more of the same...
A prison regime should be built around a normal life... This is far from the reality of life in prison and there has rightly been deep public concern at reports of deaths, murders, violent attacks on prisoners and staff and the bloodbath resulting from self-injury.
Can you imagine a child having a stomach ache for a decade? A sore throat? An ear infection? Luckily this is not something our children have to face today. Thanks to our NHS, there are GPs and medicines there to help. But for children with mental health problems, there is no such reassurance. For too many of these children, the right help simply does not exist, and even where it does, they have to wait up to ten years to get it.
Research suggests that there is an average delay of ten years between the time that young people first experience the symptoms of a mental health problem and when they receive help. Only a quarter of school-age children with a diagnosable mental health problem get any help at all, even though the majority of parents seek professional advice. And when children and families do ask for help, they are frequently confused by a maze of largely fragmented services and often face lengthy delays in getting the help they need.
Bell says there has been progress in overcoming stigma. A poll for HuffPost UK found 84% of Britons regard depression as
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