More than half of the job cuts will affect managers.
Centrica said it faced "growing challenges".
Big energy companies are facing a regulatory crackdown after Dermot Nolan, the Ofgem chief executive said companies had failed
Big energy companies are facing a regulatory crackdown after Dermot Nolan, the Ofgem chief executive said companies had failed
The Government is to impose a price cap on poor-value energy tariffs.
The purity of the vision for Plexal arises from the stunning blank canvas and expansive space occupying the 68000 square feet ground floor of Here East, nestled into a corner of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park overlooking Hackney Wick and bordering the canal, with impressive terraces looking out across London city.
Britain is set to start buying gas directly from Russia this year despite EU politicians threatening to bring in further
Ed Miliband's pledge to freeze energy prices if Labour wins the next election is "not a credible solution" for ensuring low
Nearly eight million households will wake up to higher energy costs today when British Gas hikes its prices in the latest
The boss of British Gas owner Centrica has chosen not to take his bonus this year in the wake of continuing anger over rising
Ed Miliband switched his energy supplier to one of the "minnows" challenging the Big Six providers after being stung by a
British Gas has said it could offer free electricity on Saturdays in a bid to reduce demand on weekdays. The energy firm
British Gas owner Centrica saw profits from its residential energy arm rise by 3.2% to £356 million as it cashed in on the
So Messrs Branson et al, go back and do your sums. Your signatories to this letter are fighting their self-interested corporatist corner. The big energy companies are well-represented in your letter, along with others who have contracts with government or are taxpayer bailed out companies.
Damage limitation was the order of the day at Centrica on Monday, but the British Gas parent parent company knows its public image has been hammered once again on the back of its latest trading update.
Energy is the most important issue in the world today and it's getting more important every day. We are living through a period of explosive population growth that will see at least another two billion people added to the global population - currently standing at 7.1 billion - over the next 20 years.
The number of UK children living in fuel poverty has risen to 1.6 million as British Gas revealed they made £606 million
Downing Street has called for a speedy inquiry into allegations that Britain's £300 billion wholesale gas market has been
Centrica, the owners of British Gas have seen increased profits at its residential arm by 23%, a percentage which may anger
British Gas owner Centrica warned on Friday that costs of energy will continue to rise. Citing the rise in wholesale gas