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Speculation about the sexuality of Matthew Perry's character can be traced back to the show’s earliest seasons.
'The End of Longing' tells the story of four disillusioned thirty-somethings, each on the brink of an early mid-life crisis. Perry's character is Jack, an alcoholic who finds himself falling in love with 'high-class' prostitute Stephie.
Why are we so obsessed with reuniting fictional characters and losing weight? Well the latter may need its own blog but for now let's talk about; Friends: The one with the reunion.
Non-violent drug offenders should be put in rehab and not prison, according to Hollywood actor Matthew Perry. The Friends
'Friends' stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are to reunite, after nine years away from our screens. The actors starred
Matthew Perry is eager for his former Friends co-stars to make cameo appearances in his new TV show. The actor, who played