Charles Moore

Boris Johnson's top choice for the role cited "personal reasons", according to reports.
Religion is a topic which is a constant in the national discourse. Using vitriolic terminology to describe atheists is not conducive to respectable debate and will only serve to sow animosity between religious and non-religious people. Due to the passionate nature of the topic a rational, respectable debate is difficult to nurture, but if it is to be nurtured then such fatuous labeling needs to be rid of.
The feeling is that it's all a big conspiracy by Green Technology business interests or Communists or Politically Correct people, or whoever it is that they're currently feeling narky with. I'm quite amazed that no one has yet linked Climate Change propaganda with a plot to impose Shariah Law, but I assume it will only be a matter of time.
The English Defence League are wolves in wolves' clothing. Let us not put them in sheep's clothing. The EDL should be treated as a threat to social cohesion, particularly by the mainstream media. Instead of attacking those trying to help journalists, like Charles Moore, ought to think about how to be part of the solution.
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