The EastEnders star suggested her time in a touring production of Chicago meant she had an unfair advantage.
Journey Jamison is an urban first aid trainer from Chicago. For a collaboration between HuffPost UK Personal and The Moth, she tells the story of a normal summer's day that changed her life when gun violence entered her own home.
Climate change is affecting every social justice struggle. The environmental movement's best-known trans woman of colour wants to make that link clear.
They want him to pay back the £99,500 spent investigating the case.
The group found themselves in trouble when one of about 100 donated propane tanks they were using to keep warm exploded.
Hell has literally frozen over as a police force asks people to “keep criminalling to a minimum”.
The former first lady was interviewed by actor Tracee Ellis Ross on the second stop of her book tour. Obama spoke about how her father taught her how to box and how important it was for her to be treated the same as her brother. She also shares how those boxing skills came in handy when she was confronted with a neighbourhood bully.
'Our wedding in Chicago may not receive quite as much press coverage as theirs'.