child pornography

Alexander Treisman, 19, looked up information on former Vice President Joe Biden's home address, state gun laws, rifle parts and more.
The Navarro College Bulldogs cheer team coach called the child pornography charges against Harris "shocking" and "unexpected."
Pc Stephen McGoldrick quit Gloucestershire Police after the "abhorrent images" were found.
Until we can assess the level of risk each paedophile caught with child abuse images poses, and find proven ways of preventing paedophiles from accessing child abuse images and assaulting children in the real world, we should think twice before removing what is currently the only barrier we have to protect children from unthinkable harm.
The company apparently retaliated against the BBC's investigation into its failure to crack down on child porn rings using the site to share images.
An announcement about the new clause added to the Cybercrimes Bill was made by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.
This is not a problem that any one organisation or sector can solve on its own. We have to work together. And furthermore, this is not just a problem in the UK, but a global crime that transcends borders and requires a coordinated global response.
Former ‘Glee’ star Mark Salling has been arrested for allegedly possessing images of child pornography. The US actor, who
If we care about children's safety, it is time we focused scarce resources on preventing abuse - by better protecting children and by helping those with the potential to offend to lead good lives. Such an approach is better for children, better for families and better for those with the potential to do children harm. It is also better for the public purse. Child sexual abuse is preventable. It is not inevitable.