child sexual abuse

The new Netflix movie makes it clear that we treat female abusers very differently from male ones.
Long-awaited report on child sex abuse says "it is not possible" to say that Asian or Black men are over-represented in groups of abusers.
My husband and I thought we could get away on mute during a virtual quarantine sex party. Instead, I had to face one of my deepest shames.
Racism and cultural misunderstandings can lead institutions to fail in their response to child sexual abuse and prevents victims from voicing it, research reveals.
Bids for cash revealed after calls to helplines surge during lockdown, prompting fears victims are being trapped with abusers.
He nominated Cyril Smith for a peerage after deciding allegations against him were "past history" – something that drew criticism from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.
MPs were protected from prosecution in "a consistent pattern of failures to put the welfare of children above political status" – but inquiry finds no evidence of an organised paedophile ring.
Organised child abuse is happening up and down the country and requires billions of pounds to fix, writes children's commissioner Anne Longfield OBE.
Survivors like Kath and me did nothing wrong. The culture of lies, secrecy and shame that lets child sexual abuse go unchallenged must be confronted, writes Chris Tuck.
"I am living, breathing proof of a child rapist and nobody is interested. How is that OK?"